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Inventory Management

Effective Inventory Management, including optimizing materials by balancing supply and demand, is essential to what we do at Om Telecom. We do our inventory management through the most trusted system, WIMS. Our approach to Inventory Management involves customizing our services based your company objectives. Our Inventory Management capabilities will maximize product availability while minimizing your total materials spend.

With huge investment in inventory and a nationwide network of distribution centers, we not only remain competitive and financially strong by managing inventory wisely, we also meet our customer's expectations of having the right product at the right location at the right time. Our inventory management team is comprised of experts in:

  • Inventory Strategy
  • Demand Planning/Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Fill Rate Management

Our highly skilled inventory management experts use sophisticated software to set safety stock levels and replenishment parameters to meet industry-leading order fill rates. We also take into account the factors that affect inventory availability, including vendor lead times, lead time variability, demand and demand variability.